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Can I just take a moment and say how excited I am to welcome YOU to my little corner of the interwebs? Here you will find my thoughts on a variety of topics – agritourism, the arts, books I adore, cancer survivorship, yoga, and, of course, the antics of Wallace the Wonderful and his little brother, Alderaan (my cats). You can also expect to read updates on my current writing projects. I may even share an excerpt or two!

This space is intended to nurture creativity and compassion. It is a place of sharing and healing. And, above all, it is a place where you, the reader, are always welcome.




*Please note that the content of this blog is a reflection of the author’s personal thoughts and experiences. It is not intended to serve as a self-help guide nor should it in any shape, way or form replace professional mental health services. If you are in crisis, or in need of support, please reach out to a professional within your community.  

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Laura Perras holds a Bachelor’s degree in Individualized Studies from SUNY Plattsburgh, where she studied Anthropology, English and Quebec Studies. Although currently sequestered as a result of a bone marrow transplant, Laura was a contributing writer for the award-winning regional magazines, Northern HG&L, Northern Exploring and Timeless Traditions. Laura’s reporting has also regularly appeared in the equally acclaimed, Lake Champlain Weekly, a newspaper serving New York, Vermont and Quebec, Canada

When not writing, Laura can be found dabbling in digital photography or practicing restorative yoga. A survivor of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Laura is interested in issues of identity, meaning and advocacy among the young adult cancer survivor population.






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