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Can I just take a moment and say how excited I am to welcome YOU to my little corner of the interwebs? Here you will find my thoughts on a variety of topics – agritourism, the arts, books I adore, cancer survivorship, yoga, and, of course, the antics of Wallace the Wonderful (my cat). You can also expect to read updates on my current writing projects. I may even share an excerpt or two!

This space is intended to nurture creativity and compassion. It is a place of sharing and healing. And, above all, it is a place where you, the reader, are always welcome.




*Please note that the content of this blog is a reflection of the author’s personal thoughts and experiences. It is not intended to serve as a self-help guide nor should it in any shape, way or form replace professional mental health services. If you are in crisis, or in need of support, please reach out to a professional within your community.  

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Laura Perras holds a Bachelor’s degree in Individualized Studies from SUNY Plattsburgh, where she studied Anthropology, English and Quebec Studies. A contributing writer for the award-winning regional magazines, Northern HG&L, Northern Exploring and Timeless Traditions, Laura’s reporting also regularly appears in the equally acclaimed, Lake Champlain Weekly, a newspaper serving New York, Vermont and Quebec, CanadaLaura is currently at work on her debut novel.

When not writing, Laura can be found dabbling in digital photography or practicing yoga. A survivor of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Laura is interested in issues of identity, meaning and advocacy among the young adult cancer survivor population.



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