Take Good Care

This week, Dear Readers, the boys and I will be practicing good self-care.

We’ll be taking naps.

We’ll be cuddling.

And we’ll also be taking cute pictures, like this one:


I may even share some of those pictures throughout the week—just to make you smile.

Why? Because this world needs light, Dear Readers. It needs laughter. It needs hope. And it needs the beautiful spark already glowing inside of you.

So, please, while navigating the ups and downs of this crazy life, remember to take good care of yourself. Provide that inner spark with kindling. Read a good book. Listen to music. Fan the flame from time to time. Laugh with an old friend. Find joy in movement. Add fuel whenever possible. Nourish your body with healthy food. Get some quality zzz’s.

Do those things that lift your spirits, that make your cheeks glow like the sun.

Because you, whether you realize it or not, may be someone else’s light, guiding them safely to shore.


Much Love & Take Good Care,