Protective Service, Courtesy of Wallace and Alderaan

Selfie with Aldie

Well, Dear Readers, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything here.

I have an excuse: Radiation Therapy.

I am grateful for the nine, exceedingly quick sessions of radiation—not only because I am hoping that is has killed what remains of the tumor in my spinal cord, but because it has given me some peace of mind regarding the radiation scheduled to take place in Boston. Although there is a huge difference between localized radiation and total body irradiation (which I will receive in Boston), I feel a little more prepared now. I know what the machine sounds like. I know what radiation itself feels like.

Am I still frightened? Yes. Very much so.

As the days march onward and September 15th (my new admission date) creeps ever closer, it gets increasingly difficult to sleep. I have been waking up at ridiculous hours—3am, 4am. 5am is now sleeping in for me.


I spent this past Saturday night at my parents’ house. I think my boys—Wallace the Wonderful and Alderaan—could tell that something was on my mind. Around 3 am, Aldie claimed the foot of the bed. Around 5:20am, Wallace jumped up by my pillow. My boys surrounded me, as if guarding me from all the nightmares that regularly visit me.


Why is this important? Cats jump up on beds all of the time; why would this night be any different than other nights? As the date of the transplant approaches, I realize that I still need strength. I need to know that protection is nearby. I need to be reminded that support is easily found…if only one looks for it.

Dear Readers, please keep my family, Seth and I in your thoughts and prayers. Please keep the light and love coming. This has not been an easy journey nor has it been short. Please hang in there with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

3 thoughts on “Protective Service, Courtesy of Wallace and Alderaan

  1. Laura & Seth…..i hold you ever in my heart and prayers. Sending you healing energy and support across the days and miles. If i can be of more support to either of you, know you can always email, call or skype.


  2. Dear, wonderful, strong, Laura the Cancer Warrior. I have 🙏🏻🙏🏻✝️🙏🏻🙏🏻 For you as Warrior to remember, to picture, the radiation as PacMan winning the game, every day, every way, totally clearing the game board. 💪🏻 To know the bone marrow transplant is the fertile ocean, 🌊 to picture all the good and healthy cells growing and multiplying toward you, re-born and full of 🔆 & ⚡️ . Your 🔥 & ❤️ Of life 🎉 with all who surround you are to be celebrated 👏🏻. We who love and care for you and Seth and your families stand at the ready to provide whatever support, care, actions, or words of hope you, all of you, might need. Lord, help us providing Warrior support to be vigilant and attentive❣️ Amen.


  3. It is so amazing how our pets can sense our emotional needs. I love it! I’m sure they miss you and long for the day they are reunited with you forever. You are constantly in my prayers and the prayers of my church family. You are so strong and I admire you very much. Sending light, love and prayers, Lyn


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