Just Some Quality ZZZ’s, Please


Confession: I’m 31 years old and I sleep next to a stuffed animal every night. More precisely, he’s a unicorn named Squishy. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been tremendously anxious lately. So, in an attempt to calm my nerves, I sprayed Squish (that’s his nickname) with lavender-scented perfume. It helped…a little…but I still didn’t make my big goal of sleeping in until 6am. I made it to 2:22am.

Like a lot of people out there, I don’t sleep well. I tend to be restless. When I do dream, I usually have outlandish nightmares (and not the good kind that can inspire writing projects).

Why am I sharing this? Because I am on the hunt for ideas to help me sleep.

When you, Dear Reader, have difficulty sleeping, what do you do? Do you listen to music? Do you have a glass of warm milk? What works for you? What doesn’t work? I am open to suggestions, so please send them my way!

We go back to Boston this week for another check-up. We will also be going to Burlington for a neurology appointment. It’s going to be a busy week; please keep the light, the prayers, and the love coming. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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8 thoughts on “Just Some Quality ZZZ’s, Please

  1. I used affirmations with my soldiers. “I acknowledge the stressors and conflicts in my life and in my body but I give myself permission to fall asleep, sleep soundly and awaken refreshed in order to address these issues feeling my best.”
    I asked them to copy their affirmation and put a copy on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, in the living room, in the car, everywhere. While you don’t have to read it each time, your mind starts to take it seriously. I ask you to try it like this for a week to see how you do. It is a non-medicinal, non-reactive, non-toxic, no lose option. ❤️🤗☀️🌗💤💤💤 Also keep a pad next to the bed. When something just won’t let you go, turn the light on and write it down. Then, affirmation again.

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  2. My son does not sleep well and has NEVER slept well. I’m not sure if this is something you are able to do at this point, but we use a diffuser with lavender essential oil. I take it to hotels with me (I get horrible anxiety about sleeping away from home) and it’s relaxing. 🙂

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  3. I’ve noticed a big improvement since using a Himalayan Salt crystal lamp in my bedroom. (It also helps astronomically with combating seasonal allergies, and has other benefits as well).

    On nights where my eyes are begging for sleep, yet are unable to close, I turn the tv on to a channel with an uninteresting show (so I won’t want to listen to it and therefore further wake up…) and turn the volume so I can just barely hear it. The background noise eventually guides me to sleep.

    I go to bed at the same time every night and do my best to get up at the same time every morning to train my brain that, “this is when we sleep…..this is when we are awake.”

    Still, there are some times when sleep just isn’t going to come, so I get up and read a book in the living room or do a relaxing activity until I am drowsy again. The key is to get up and go to a different room so you still associate your bed with sleeping.

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  4. I tend to have restless nights too. I hate them. Sometimes I get up and have some saltines and milk. I read somewhere that that combination actually does help sleep. Other nights I give up trying and read or play solitaire. Now as I lay awake I’ll pray you are having a peaceful sleep and sweet dreams. Love, Lyn

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