Valentine’s Day

forever ago

Caption: It sounds crazy, but it seems as though this picture was taken many lifetimes ago. At the time, I had longish hair. I didn’t know anything about bone marrow transplants. So why am I using such a dated photo? Simply because I think the hearts augment this post.


When I was younger, and single, I used to dread Valentine’s Day. The holiday served only to remind me that I didn’t have what everyone else seemed to have—a significant other.

Oh goodness, how times have changed!

When you hear someone say, “let love find you” or “love happens when you least expect it”—it’s true. I didn’t expect to fall so quickly for Seth. Little known fact: when Seth and I started dating, I was determined not to give my heart away. I was tired of having it broken. But Seth was different. He found my weak spot almost immediately: words.

He wrote incredibly beautiful messages to me. Just as significant, he has a gift for telling amusing stories (and, as a writer, I enjoy listening to such stories). He’s been a reliable and compassionate caregiver, forgiving me even for peeing on his shoes—twice—when I had cerebral edema.

Poor guy.

I am so, so grateful to have Seth in my life—to have his love. There is no doubt in my mind that he is my soulmate.

Since Valentine’s Day is this coming Wednesday, I also thought I would take a moment and thank YOU, Dear Readers, for following my blog. Your support and words of encouragement keep me going. Even when I’m suffering from writer’s block, knowing that there are 101 readers waiting for a blogpost, helps me to find the words that I need to share my story.

Please, Dear Readers, continue sending love and light. It truly makes a difference.


With Love,